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Could I Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

For each statement below, place the most accurate response from the following table in the column preceding the statement.

1 2 3 4 5
1. I'm comfortable spending time on my own as opposed to working all day with others.
2. I build relationships and networks of people to share with and learn from.
3. When I do long-term planning I design concrete action steps to achieve my objectives.
4. I ask questions to understand what motivates others.
5. I endeavor to teach through my actions.
6. I take time periodically to reflect on my future and my professional growth.
7. I believe some problems have more than one answer.
8. I'm willing to take calculated financial risks.
9. I'm comfortable making sales calls based on referrals to promote my services.
10. I believe that I'm responsible for my success.
3Add your numbers in the left column above and place the total in this box.  Use your browser Print function to print this page now if you want to save it.  Your responses will be erased when you close this page.
Scoring and Interpretation:
Less than 35 Low probability of success as an entrepreneur
36-44 Moderate chance of success as an entrepreneur
45-50 High probability of happiness and success as an entrepreneur

Click here for an explanation of the meaning of the responses to this self-assessment and how to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur.


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