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Consulting Services  

Gravett and Associates provides consulting services in the following key areas:

Balance Assessment:

Dr. Gravett developed and validated the Leadership in Balance Assessment for inclusion in her book with Dr. John Kucia (Leadership in Balance:  New Habits of the Mind) as an assessment and coaching tool.  Since its development in 2006, this instrument has been utilized by Dr. Gravett and Dr. Kucia for approximately 500 leaders, from mid-manager to CEO level, in companies across the U.S., including:

  • P&G
  • Meridian Bioscience
  • Voith
  • Eli Lilly
  • Boeing
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Xavier University
  • St. Francis Hospital (Indianapolis)

Dr. Gravett developed a Leadership in Balance 360 instrument for launch with the national Quality and Regulatory Affairs organization conference at Xavier University.
Dr. Gravett has developed tailored 360 and pre-hire assessments which have been utilized by approximately 100 positions each year for the past 24 years.  Representative organizations include:

  • Kao Brands
  • Meridian Bioscience
  • Crane
  • U.S. Playing Cards
  • Hebrew Union College
  • Clark Shaeffer Hackett
  • Paycor

Dr. Gravett and Dr. Sheri Caldwell developed an Emotional Intelligence assessment for inclusion in their 2009 book (Using Your Emotional Intelligence to
Develop Others).  Since 2008, this assessment has been utilized by Dr. Gravett for approximately 50 people per year as a foundation for coaching sessions for mid-manager through C-suite level.  Representative organizations include:

  • EMI Network
  • Building Crafts, Inc.
  • CFM Publishing
  • Kolar Design
  • The Motz Group
  • Best Upon Request

Dr. Gravett has developed behavioral interview questions specifically designed to assess learning agility for use in the pre-hire process.  She has also developed a Learning Agility Assessment which will be incorporated into her upcoming book with Dr. Sheri Caldwell, Learning Agility:  The Competitive Advantage. 
Dr. Gravett developed a self-assessment for entrepreneurship competencies to include in her 2011 book with co-author Terri Bonar-Stewart, Just a Couple of Women Talkin’ – The Real Story of Being a Woman Entrepreneur. 
Other assessments developed by Gravett and Associates which can be customized to client organizations include:

  • Diversity Culture Audit
  • Employee Engagement Assessment
  • Organizational Culture Audit 
HR Transformation:

Many Human Resource Departments are moving away from a traditional, functional approach and engaging in strategic initiatives as true business partners.  In order to position Human Resources in this light, HR leaders are learning that a true transformation of the department’s skill sets and practices are required.  Gravett and Associates provides coaching and guidance in transforming traditional Human Resource Management practices to align with and support the organization’s business imperatives.

Cultural Coaching:
To ensure that an organization is leveraging the skills and talents of ALL its employees, a culture must be developed that accepts, values and manages different perspectives and approaches.  As organizations evolve through various diversity initiatives, leaders need to change and develop their competencies as well.  Gravett and Associates works with executives and senior managers to help them define their role as the culture grows to leverage a diverse workforce.  Coaching is tailored to meet the personality and needs of each individual leader.
Strategic Planning for Human Resources:

CEOs today expect Human Resources to be a strategic planning partner.  More Human Resources executives are being given a seat at the Board table, so it's important they have something to say!

Gravett & Associates offers a proven approach for Human Resource professionals to use to align their strategy with the long-term objectives of their organization.  Consulting is provided in the areas of:

  • Objective and Goal Setting
  • Establishing Success Criteria
  • Goal Execution
Measuring and Marketing Human Resources Effectiveness:

Most organizations today expect Human Resources to operate as a Profit Center, as opposed to simply adding overhead costs. This expectation leads Human Resources to take a more strategic, holistic approach instead of the traditional functional approach. Consulting is provided in the areas of:

  • Determining Return on Investment for Human Resources Activities
  • Measuring Costs and Benefits of Interventions Such as Training
  • Aligning Human Resources Objectives with Business Imperatives

Measuring Human Resources effectiveness is not always enough to ensure that Human Resources has the budget and latitude necessary to be a strategic planning partner. Human Resources must market its effectiveness within the organization and the business community. Gravett and Associates can share proven techniques for positioning Human Resources to ensure ongoing credibility.

Managing Workplace Diversity:

As we move into the 21st century, new challenges and opportunities face business and industry with regard to recruiting a qualified workforce. Protective labor laws have become complex and the dynamics of a culturally diverse workforce require sophisticated, thoughtful efforts to harness the talents and energies of every single employee. Gravett and Associates offers a range of consulting and training services that can assist organizations move from mono-cultural to a multicultural workplace including:

  • Development, Administration, and Analysis of Culture Audits
  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation of Teambuilding Workshops
  • Consulting Pairs Conflict Resolution
  • Awareness Training
Executive Coaching:

Dr. Gravett shares her 22 years of management experience in public and private sector organizations by coaching busy executives.  Through one to two hour sessions, Dr. Gravett provides practical, proven techniques to improve employee relations; manage Generation X'ers; motivate employees during slow and peak production times; and effectively manage change.

Diversity Self Assessment

Gravett and Associates has developed a self assessment instrument that can help individuals determine their comfort level and receptivity to people who are different from themselves; places that are unfamiliar; and situations or activities that are new. This instrument highlights areas in which an individual needs to expand awareness or education within the diversity arena and can be used as a foundation for discussion about learning opportunities. The instrument is administered and scored with the help of a trained facilitator.


The EQ-i registration symbol is a validated self-assessment on the five key dimensions of Emotional Intelligence: Intrapersonal EQ; Interpersonal EQ; Stress Management EQ; Adaptability EQ; and General Mood EQ.  Dr. Gravett is a certified consultant and coach (CEQC) using this instrument.

Culture Audit

Gravett and Associates has developed a culture audit that can be used in organizations that wish to determine what systems or activities should be changed in order to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce. This assessment assists organizations in their endeavor to target interventions to meet existing needs and issues and to prevent spending time, energy and funds on areas that are unnecessary. The audit results are compiled and interpreted by a Gravett and Associates consultant who can provide written recommendations to address the issues surfaced in the audit.

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